Remote Pharmacy Permit Information

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For new permits only. If you have an existing permit, be sure to verify if a new/another permit is required.


The Kiosk or Remote Dispensing Pharmacy Permit application is intended for existing resident chain, independent, government, hospital or limited service pharmacies wanting to add a remote or kiosk pharmacy. 
The Kiosk or Remote Dispensing Pharmacy Permit application should be used for new kiosk or remote dispensing pharmacies or pharmacies with changes in ownership of more than 30%. Kiosk or remote dispensing pharmacies must: 

• Operate under a contract with a pharmacy licensed and located in Arizona, and 
• Be supervised by a pharmacist licensed and located in Arizona who is designated as the pharmacist in charge or supervising pharmacist.

Application Requirements 
Applicants must submit: 

1. A detailed floor plan showing proposed pharmacy area including size and security; 
2. A copy of the pharmacy lease agreement (if not applicable, a zoning statement); 
3. Disciplinary orders, if applicable; 
4. Denial letters, if applicable; 
5. $480.00 application fee (this fee is nonrefundable)

APPLY:  Remote Pharmacy online application

** Please allow 2 months from the date you applied to call and check the status of your application. You can check the status of your application online here.


Permit Type Initial Application Renewal Application
Remote Pharmacy $480.00 $480.00
Other Documents    
 Duplicate  - license, permit or certificate $10.00  


Renew Permit

Remote Pharmacy permit holders will need to log in through their profile to renew their permit online. Creating a profile is free.
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Remote Pharmacy permit holders may also submit a hard copy renewal form with a check or money order by postal mail or at the Board office.
Submitting a hard copy renewal form can take 3-4 weeks for processing.

Verify Permit

The Arizona State Board of Pharmacy no longer provides hardcopy verifications of licensure, however we are still able to offer this service via our website.
Use the options below to verify applications, licenses, and permits:

Please note printing of this verification is not a license

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Disciplinary Actions

When verifying your application status should a "no records found" message appear, please try your search using the license/permit tab.

Pursuant to A.R.S. § 32-3214(C), a person may obtain additional public records related to any licensee or certificate holder, including dismissed complaints and non-disciplinary actions and orders, by contacting the Board directly. Please click here to submit a public records request.